Surgical Treatments

Unfortunately, a lot of people with incontinence are using absorbent products to deal with the problem without seeking help from their doctors. But for those who do, sometimes surgical treatments may be the answer.

Depending on your gender, what type of incontinence you have, and what is causing it, the possibilities vary a lot. Surgery is often used to treat stress incontinence in women after childbirth or menopause caused by a cystocele (fallen or dropped bladder). There are also some surgical treatments for enlarged prostate, sphincter problems and other common issues.

Sometimes, surgery is used not to treat the problem itself, but to help living with it (increasing quality of life), like installing artificial sphincters.

Surgery is a very complex subject, and only a qualified doctor could to tell you which procedure(s) could be helpful for your own situation. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor about all possible treatment alternatives.


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