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This site is dedicated to providing comprehensive and accurate information as well as offering support about incontinence in all it's forms. We aim to be the absolute best information and support website on the web.

Incontinence is the loss of bladder or bowel control, which affects people of all ages and both genders. There are many forms and degrees of incontinence, from having a dribble to having total loss of control. It affects millions of people both in north america and worldwide. There are over 19 million people in the USA that have some form of incontinence. It's a distressing condition that leaves a lot of people isolated and that many consider a taboo.

There are many ways to manage incontinence. From medication, catheters or using adult size diapers (cloth and disposables). There are also books and companies (websites) that have great information on how to deal with, and manage, incontinence.

We want to educate about this common problem that reduces one's quality of life, and to fight the stigma associated to it by raising awareness. Here you will find information about the types of incontinence, its causes, many treatment options as well as some methods for coping with this problem.

We also have a great moderated forum where you can discuss your problems with someone who has the same condition, understands you, and won't judge you.

Make sure not to miss our great primer either!

Remember, you are not alone - and don't hesitate to talk to your doctor. It is important that you see your doctor. There may be a cure for your incontinence.


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