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Disposables or cloth diapers? And why?
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Kudos: North Shore Supreme Lite

Sun Oct 02, 2022 10:42 pm

I didn't set out to do a test. My current regimen when I go out (due to the threat of IBS) is to wear the NS Supreme Lite (white) + plastic pants and usually a compression pant. This time I wore long johns over them, since it gets cold this time of year (by 10 pm) at the dirt track where I watch the races. It was 14C/57.2F with a bit of wind developing, while sitting in the stands.

I must have been well hydrated on this day because I kept having urges over the course of 5 hours while sitting in the grand stands. By the time I got home, even the back of my diaper (at the waist) was feeling some moisture. This impressed me because I have never had a disposable that wicked up the urine so completely throughout the whole diaper. Even though this is a "lite" diaper, it performed amazingly well.

This gives me extra confidence for outings where I am away from home for hours at a time. I have also found the tapes to be consistently good. So kudos to NS for the Supreme Lite -- a great quality plastic-backed product.
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