Bowel and Urine incontinence
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Author:  Wink [ Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Bowel and Urine incontinence

I don`t know where to start.I have been in diapers for a little over three Month's.I went in the Hospital with a heart attack and came out feeling fine.

I was out of the hospital five days Then I stared to feel weird after about three days.On the sixth day I woke up really feeling weird and was wetting my self every ten minutes or so and could not stop it.This lasted till and after I was in the emergency room.They did another heart Cathe and said every thing was fine but I could not control wetting at all.That got better but still not right.

Sometimes if I am close to a rest room I would be OK. But all the time I would be a little wet any time I felt the need to go.I have also mess my self the same way.I have no feeling I need to go till I am going.But unless a loose stool I can stop it for a few minutes.It is like with both that by the time I feel any thing I am so full I can`t hold it.

I found out the feeling I had to void was coming from the wetness I would feel in my under wear.As when I put on a diaper that keeps the wet away from you I would be wetting and not know it.The other night I woke up wet
and went to change and I had messed my self and did`t even know it till I took my diaper off as it was heavy any way from being so wet.

While I was in the hospital they did MRI`s and you name it of my whole body.They put a Catheter in me to check if I was totally voiding.That hurt.

Because of the heart attack now I am on a diuretic so just went and put my self in diapers so I was not looking for a restroom every fifteen minutes.Or messing in my auto or a store.After the morning and the Diuretic wears off I can go for four hours or more with out a diaper change unless I mess my self.I have been taking Nullo pills for the last few days but so far I still smell when I do.To me that is the worse part is if I mess and in a store or around people.Most of the time it is not much and could get by if not for the smell.I sort of have that down most days as I will mess in the morning at home and then unless I have loose bowels I will be good to go the rest of the day but never know when that will leak out some.

I am 66 and retired so can more or less time when to do things.I made up my mind that I am not going to sit at home and mope over this.I plain when to go to the mall and such so my diaper will last the trip but have a change in the car just in case.I have a case that just looks like I could be carrying about any thing in it.So if need be I can get it and go in the handy cap stall and change.

I was all ways embarrass about such things till I was in the hospital this time and I think every one saw me and every one in ER saw me wetting all over.I don`t go out and tell the world I am wearing diapers but feel a lot better wearing than wondering if I am going to wet or mess my self.Even before this I was all ways looking for a rest room to urinate.Or a rest area when traveling

I hope I was not to crude but I am still learning how to deal with it.I go back to the doctor in a few weeks.
I about made up my mind that I am not going through a bunch of test or be a test dummy or a source of income for them for to long.My PSA is normal and I will go with a Colonospy but what I read about the drugs and such the side effects are a lot worse than a diaper on my behind.

I think it mite have been a med they put me on the first time I was in but not for sure what happen.As I said I have all ways had a Little leak but not like now.It is like I just lost all feeling when I am full of either till I can`t hole any more.Or when I have soft stool my mussel does not know to hold it in if I lift something or do any thing to put presser on the bowel that is in me.


Author:  SeattleDoug [ Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:30 am ]
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Welcome Wink.

There are many here that can lend an ear. Feel free to vent if you need it. I think we all understand the frustration that comes with incontinence and all the related issues.


Author:  Irish Mike [ Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:15 pm ]
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Hi Wink,
I understand the fustration that comes with being double incontinent. I wasnt always this way. I fell down stairs and twisted my back, either that or it was the onset of illness, not sure which.. started having bladder problems occassionally, embarresment city for me! I thought wellit cant get any worse can it? wrong, it got worse, total bladder control loss, then around 2003 i started having bowel control issues. ocassionaly bowel accidents, now 7 years later i have no control whatsoever, and worse still, i have no sensation in about 80% of my body which includes the sensations that you need to 'go' and the sensations that come with voiding stool or urine.

I dealt with it totally wrong in the first instant, i withdrew from every aspect of my life, didnt go out, hid away from friends and family used every excuse under the sun to stay away from social events 'just in case' i had an accident in the bowel department, always worried about smells leaks, well you know the story..

but the truth is, i had done a real job on convincing myself that every one knew, and it turns out, yes they did know, but the fact of the matter is they didnt care!
I think sometimes we close ourselfs off so much from society 'just in case', and we dont give it a chance. I know we all have a bit of fear or a lot of fear when it comes to dealing incontinence.

one day i decided 'f**k it' if people cant accept 'me' for the person i am, including health issues, then they dont deserve to be friends or whatever with me. I go to the gym, i dont hide the fact that i wear nappies, i found when i first joined the gym, the more you hide the more people notice.
yes i have occassional bowel accidents while shopping and in a line waiting to be served, dont think the embarressment ever goes away,but i guess in a way it gets easier to some degree.

well what i am trying to say in a very long wnded way is, i understand the embarresment.


Author:  Brandie [ Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:47 pm ]
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Have You tried a schedualed voiding of Your bowel? There are several ways to deal with this. If You can still walk and care for Yourself. Your ahead of the game already and theres a good chance You can learn to work with this. I'm a disabled mother. In a wheelchair and also doubly incontinent. I have good days and bad days. I have trouble maintaining a bowel program. I still have bowel accidents. But not real frequently anymore. But I'm in diapers anyway for My bladder so... But Yes its terribly embarassing and depressing to loose Your bowels in a public place. Even if Your in a diaper and nobody notices. Like I said I'm disabled and don't get out much. My travels are mostly confined to dr apointments. Family & close friends. I have not spent much time in stores or public gatherings the last few years. When I do get out. My husband, Mother or aid help make sure to be prepared. Just in case. You learn to live with it somewhat. And know what You need.

Author:  Irish Mike [ Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:10 am ]
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Brandie, i do have a schedule for 'voiding'. I can walk thankfully, though itis difficult because i have no feeling in my legs or 80% of my body. My difficulty is, since my transplant (liver) i find that the transition of food through the digestive system is quite fast, so after eating i find as little as ten - fifteen minutes after, i have to go to the bathroom, and with the limited dexterity in my hands, it is a real hit and miss as to if i make it or not! and as we know when out and about, it isnt always easy to find a facility when it is needed. also i find that i seldom wake without being soiled either, not all the time of course, but a majority of time.

The main difficulty is not being able to 'sense' when i need to go, and that is something that isnt going to get better, unfortunately, well not unless they find a way to reverse nerve damage anyway.


Author:  Don [ Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:13 pm ]
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I too have both bladder and bowel incontinence. For the bladder, I can do timed voiding when out in public as long as I'm near a bathroom. If I'm not, then I will wet myself. As far as the bowel goes, I have frequent diarrhea. If I'm at home, then I can usually make it. But the city I live in is really spread out. I have to drive like 30 minutes to get anywhere. So I'm in my car alot. I am always getting the urge to have a bowel movement in my car on my way somewhere. I am in school 2-4 days a week. I have involuntary bowel movements in public quite often. Its really embarassing. I have taken immodium to stop the diarrhea and it worked in the past but it made me constipated. So I don't take it unless I really need it. Whenever I do have a bowel accident, I am usually on my way to the bathroom. I can feel it coming on and make my way toward a toilet. I just usually don't make it in time. I can definitely understand the trials and tribulations of having complete incontinence.

Author:  justin [ Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bowel and Urine incontinence

I can't make my morning ritual before leaving home. No matter how early I wake up, drink coffe or not, eat or not I can't. The urge always comes as I drive. Since I have little to almost no control I almost always soil my diaper on the commute to work, it is rare when I make it and if I do make it I usually soil walking to the restroom and then clean up takes a long time. Wish I could time myself better. So far nobody has ever caught me in a change and that is my worst fear.

Author:  Wink [ Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bowel and Urine incontinence

For and update after a year of diapers and all that gos with it.I found after about six months or so that a lot of it is my meds.

Crestor but not all.I went off all my cholesterol drugs and was OK most of the time.But my cholesterol started going up even tho I eat so much lettuce I feel like a rabbit. tried all kind s of cholesterol drugs but none work or give me a lot more side effects.So the Cardiologist put me back on Crestor one day a week.Taking it every day I was having a lot of leg and mussel pain.I took it three days a go one pill 20mil and with in two hours I was totally incontinent.I just had no feeling what so ever of when I needed to go.But so far no pain or any thing but incotinence.

And trying to void either just did not work.In the morning is worse.The day after I tried to go and nothing.Put my diaper and pants back up and be fore I got to the car I had pooped my self a little.And that is what the last two days have been like.When I get up in the morning I will fill my diaper as soon as I sit or stand up I guess when gravity takes over.That is all ways my biggest bowel movement.But then the rest of the day I just leak a little at a time of both.Like as when Bowl or Urine makes it through my system when it gets to the end of my pipe work it just keeps going and all I feel is a little wet on my skin between my legs and then once I am wet I don`t feel any thing but my diaper getting heaver. A diaper will last about four hours between changes most of the time.

I do take Devrom and it is a God send to me as that is all I found that works all most 100 %.My wife has one heck of a good nose and she can`t tell when I am soiled even in a car with the windows up so it is good.It has got so I trust it enough that I go about my normal day even if I am dirty till I can change.Today it seems that the Effects of the Crestor are wearing off on the third day.I will know when I get up in the morning.I go back to my Doctor in six weeks with another cholesterol check.If it keeps it in check that way I guess I will be a part time diaper wearer.As the doctor says it is that or die of heart trouble.

Author:  johnstone [ Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Bowel and Urine incontinence


Maybe I missed some place but is the cause of your incontinence? Is it the meds you take? If so, what suggestions has your doc made regarding the incontinence?

Author:  Wink [ Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bowel and Urine incontinence

Hello John

Read back to where this all started.I went in the hospital last year was when it started but they never gave me and answer of why.The Meds make it worse.We just started this one pill a week but it sure threw me for a loop as for the wearing a diaper part.I was just wearing when I knew I would not be close to a rest room but now that is not good enough.My doctor tried other stuff but Crestor is the only thing that helped with my other stuff.

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