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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2023 5:06 pm 

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This posting was intended for the NorthShore rep who used to visit this site, but doesn't appear to anymore. I am leaving it here in case they ever decide they care about us again.

So lately my disease is all-over-the-place. It started getting worse but now it has calmed down to "medium". It's hard, because for incontinence products ideally I would buy things that were discreet and no more than I need, but some days it is hard to predict what that is.

I've been looking at the different pull-up underwear from NorthShore. One drawback is it is pretty expensive, but I like that the black color is so dark that it sort-of disappears. With them advertising mens grey disposable underwear on TV, I become worried that people will see my waistband and guess what is going on.

I already tried a black product, Parent Giving's DryDirect, another European-made pullup. I purchased a test bag--then a case--in black. I am frustrated by the DryDirect because while the bag was fine, the case has an issue when I have slight or no incontinence, the pad shreds in the middle and works up my backside in an uncomfortable lump. Almost every time about six hours into wearing the product.

NorthShore is even more expensive, in particular shipping on units less than cases. I don't want to order a whole case of even-more-expensive NorthShore and find I have the same problem.

I purchased some samples of the "GoSupreme" and "Go Supreme Lite" products. I worry that I will buy a case and again find it is not the same as as the samples. The underwear is very similar to Tena's heavy-duty product or "DryDirect" from Parent Giving. Made on the same type of equipment if not in the same factory.

If I put them side-by-side, they are identical. They Northshore weighed about 2.89oz, similar weight of the Parent Giving DryDirect which weights 2.3-2.5oz. I wish I had some of the DryDirect from my sample bag to compate.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on your products and get stuck with another case or two that I hate, where I change a couple times a day even when I have no incontinence just to get rid of the lump. That triples the costs of your already-expensive product. I wanted to know how you would handle that if it happens.

That's why I originally wrote this message. But tonight I came back and greatly edited it.

I had suggested you consider making pull-up underwear in a dark blue color. It is nice that you gave a variety of colors and things, but like others here I am getting worried that your company is too interested in the fetish market. I don't have anything against those folks per-se, but they do often make things more difficult for us--it is even more embarrassing buying adult diapers if you are worried the staff is imagining you using them for odd sexual activities--and members of the ABDL community have "invaded" and ruined a lot of incontinence forums for users with real medical problems.

Why did I come back to edit? Because Northshore sent me an email tonight advertising--among other things--that I might want to spend $40 for a gym bag featuring your logo for "discreet carry as a diaper bag". As surprising as it might sound, I don't think most incontinent people want to advertise the brand of their diapers on the bag they use to carry them. Most of us are trying hard NOT to have people discover we wear diapers, and spending $60 on a "Northshore Embroidered Sweatshirt" is not going to appeal to anyone except ABDL users looking for love (possibly in the wrong places, like incontinence forums).

It concerns me that you think your customer base will find a product like that worth purchasing, and the fact that you have a selection of 10 expensive Northshore logo apparel products for sale suggests that you are no longer a good fit for me.

If you gave away the duffle, maybe. Remicade sent me a couple blankets over the years, and I was spending $15,994 of insurance money with them every eight weeks. I didn't use the blankets for my infusions, mine took all day and I was generally asleep in a hospital bed. But I did keep the blankets in my cars for emergencies. I figured each one cost Blue Cross about $120K.

But it's one thing having a drug company logo on your gear, it's another matter with the logo of your adult diaper supplier.

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