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So far, I am overall pleased with my decision to switch to cloth diapers for working and occasional extended wear use. I am down to my last 2 Medline Extended wear briefs. I hit a snag where I was running late one day and had to put on an Ecoable with a diaper cover without an insert and forgot to take a diaper to change into, necessitating I come home during my lunch.

I tend to nowdays use the Ecoable fitteds more often than I do the flats mainly due to the stay dry lining. However, I fully intend to use both since I spent hard earned money on both. It just so happens in order to use flats by themselves without being a booster for another type of diaper, I end up having to use a more extensive diaper cover than my Ecoable cover, since the diaper peeks out at the legs othewise. I have tucked it in at the leg bands with mixed results, and it looks poofy at the edges, and is noticable under my pants. Not a huge deal overall, but less asthetically pleasing. I'm still working on slowly acquiring a diversified inventory which includes flats, fitteds, pockets and contours. I find that with traditional cloth, that is to say the kind that needs an external fastener and lacks a stay dry liner, while skin dryness isn't terribe when using a proper rash cream isn't terrible, it is overall less comfortable than wearing a wet cloth diaper with a stay dry liner, but a stay dry liner diaper tends to be pricier. So really what it comes down to is a tradeoff of cost vs comfort and convienence. The diaper that is the most comfortable to use and most convenient to put on tends to be the most expensive per diaper. I have decided that with using traditional cloth at work, which is in the plan, that it would really be best if I changed at every opportune time (breaks, lunch) rather than only changing once during my lunch. Of the times I waited till lunch to change, I ended up with no rash, but despite that, the urine sensaiton against my skin was definitely noticeable and was far more palpable than it would be if iI was wearing a disposable or a cloth diaper with a stay dry liner.
The biggest issue is figuring out what to do about whether I attempt to put a flat on at work standing up, or risk the icky germs by laying down at work to put one on. I suppose an alterantive would be to change into a pocket diaper with a flat used as an insert. Not sure I like the idea of "mixing" the use of traditional cloth and stay dry cloth since traditional pretty much requires the use of a barrier cream and almost all diapers with a stay dry liner use synthetic fibers which are less compatibale with diaper creams. Perhaps I could go to work wearing a doubled flat w booster and change into a Incontrol fitted underneath a ADC contour with a flat acting as a booster, then change into contour with booster for the last 2 hours of the shift which needs the least amount of protection. As of right now I only have one Incontrol snap on cotton fitted, since the reveiew was mixed. The diaper is definetly usuable but for repeated moderate to heavy voids it needs to be coupled with another fitted type diaper; otherwise, after several voids you have free liquid sloshing around in the cover.. no bueno.

I am pleased with the ACD all in one so far, with the exception of velcro shifiting, so I am pondering whether it has a work use when combined with either flats or contour diapers, or even my Ecoable fitted diapers, replaicing an Ecoable pocket diaper as an extra absorbency layer over top a fitted plus insert. I would bet money that an ACD all in one is more absorbent than an Ecoable pocket with no booster in the pocket. The key though again with lack of stay dry liner is frequent changing. Which isn't a big deal; in fact i recall that I opted to switch from the heavy duty premium absorbent disposables to the midrange disposables precisely because I wanted to change more often yet minimize expenses. Just something to ponder.

Going back to changing while laying down.. while obviously its not pretty, it does have the added advantage of giving my feet a brief chance to rest while im on the floor chianging the diaper. One disadvatage to me changing my diaper during my break vs my lunch is that I have less time during my breaks to get off my feet. This is more consequential on the days wehre I have to stay a full 8 hours. I just wonder if theres hacks to use that would mitigate the risk of laying on the floor of a public restroom. Perhaps spraying disenfectant on the floor and then laying down underpads would do the trick? Thoughts? How DO you change a traditional cloth diaper in a public restroom? Can it even be done standing up? I know there have been posts about doing it in the privacy of yourh ome where you can always lay down as a backup, but when I put on a flat standing up I found that it more of an akward fit vs laying down.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Peace out!

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