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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2022 9:30 am 
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I need help from this board. I am really happy with my investment in flat and contour diapers. They reliably fit fairly well and comfortably, and combined with a proper barrier cream, absorb several wettings without too much discomfort. But here's the dilemma: With flat diapers, I have found until very recently, the most convinent fold giving me room to snappi at the wings, brings up the rise in the back of the diaper waay high. as in several inches up my back. Even the higher rise Leakmaster Deluxe falls short from completly covering it. I even folded the back down a bit but it still peeked above the Deluxe. This was the erason I bought a romper diaper cover from InControl diapers. I liked this option, but the problem is that it is quite expensive. It is PUL, and lacks gussets. I tested how well it contains excess urine by wearing it over top my typiaca diapering with my diaper sprayer in the diaper, and after two or 3 wettings with the sprayer, it leaked. This causes some concern, but I don't think its a large deal. The volume of the diaper sprayer may have exceeded my actual voids by quite a bit. but still, I think it best to wear a diaper cover with gussets. I would prefer a cover or PP that covers the diaper completly but is less expensive. I tried the leakmaster HIght back PP off ACD but found the waistband stractchy and less than comfrotable. Is thee an alternative that i'm overlooking? Namely a diaper cover thats PUL, high backed but less expensive? It doesnt have to be PUL, just able to cover a flat complety,

On another note, I'm super excited. Ecoable just came out with new and improved designes of their diaper cover with some really awesome and frankly bada## prints. Biohazard symbols, binary code, Marble.. These are prints that are designed with older children and adults in mind. Its a refreshing change from prints that are recycled from infant diapers.

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Your situation mirrors my experience with cloth diapers at night. They need to be fastened above the hips to ensure a comfortable and effective fit. This places the top rear portion of the fabric well above the waist. Waterproof covers, PUL or plastic may not come up high enough to be effective. The other problem with any cover is that it can work its way downward during the night as you move around. PUL and traditional plastic pants (with fabric covered elastic) place an absorbent and leak pathway just where you need protection. The covered elastic PUL pants may work but my experience is that they weep and wick at the gussets (elastic in the legs and waist) because of the way they are sewn.

Your best option could be the Gary urethane plastic pants with the wrapped elastics in a larger than normal size. They are not cheap but they do have a much longer life span than regular plastic pants. One possible source is www.myprotex.com. Look for the overnight collectors edition pant. I question the product name but the website shows this as being manufactured by Gary Mfg.

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2022 7:46 am 

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I wore heavy cloth diapers, with a cloth booster pad, for years. I had no problems leaking with a good diaper cover. However, most ordinary plastic pants, even in a larger size, usually do not have the cut necessary to accommodate the shape and additional bulk of cloth diapers.

You need plastic pants made and advertised to fit over cloth diapers (not just bigger plastic pants). A higher back is essential. Search for terms such as "high-back" (or hi-back) and "extra coverage."

I had success with the "Hi-back no-wick PUL breathable pant" from Driwear (also with its sister site "Fetware"). I experienced no leaking through the PUL pants. The cost now is $26 which is not bad for a breathable diaper cover. Several manufacturers offer similar products so I am sure you will find one that meets your needs.

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