Flat dillema FIGUED out! All is well!
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Author:  sociologygeek [ Thu May 12, 2022 3:25 am ]
Post subject:  Flat dillema FIGUED out! All is well!

So, looks like I don't have to invest in a bunch o' rompers to have flats that fit underneath a diaper cover with full coverage. I simply fold down the diaper in the back, put in a booster that I got with my contour diapers, fold over the front to form a pad, lay on the diaper, pull it up between my legs, and snappi on, I'm good to go. Legs are still loose but thats gonna be the case no matter what I do. But hte point is, I have a flat fold that fits underneath my Leakmaster deluxe, which means it might fit underneath the ecoable covers I have ordered. If it does, I'll just buy a buncha diaper covers from Ecoable and call it good :) No more rompers. And if my bladders going haywire and I feel like I need more protection, I just put on a contour diaper over it, and that should give me the extra absorbency.

Life is good..
I shall figure this out!

Peace out!


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