Welp.. looks like I sh*t myself again.. and going for scopy
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Author:  sociologygeek [ Thu May 05, 2022 5:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Welp.. looks like I sh*t myself again.. and going for scopy

Looks like I made a darn good choice buying a diaper sprayer since I'm planning on using cloth as much as possible at work. Had I worn cloth last night instead of disposable.. I would have needed it for sure. After my shift ended, I felt the need to use the bathroom. No problem, so I sat down on the potty. Only I couldnt really go, so I pulled my pants back up and decide to wait to go home. I went shopping for a fresh plunger for my diaper washing scheme.. perhaps running a bucket and plunger along with the wonder wash to allow less steps with the handwashing process.. and was about to check out, wehn I realized the urge to poop was back, and I needed to poop really bad, and if I wanted to avoid crapping myself, id better go NOW. Well I did, only to find myself emptying my bowels into my pants before I could sit down.. Really??? I was in the toilet not 5 minutes ago. WTF??? So, I'm now inclined to go for the colonscopy when the surgeon I saw brought it up. Might as well get it done to make sure my GI tract doesnt have any underlying issues that has gone undetected. I could use a good colon cleanse and reset anyway. To my suprise, they had in their prep instructions Mirlax, dulcolax and gatorade, not colyte. So, this will be less unpleasant than the colyte prep I had to for my scope in 06.

Thankfully the BM was well contained in the diaper. No feces ended up on the floor on my clothes or elsewere. I didn't have a plastic bag to put it it, because bowel accidetns are so rare that usually when i have a fecal load in the diaper I just toss the diaper into my personal trash at home. Obviously this was an issue. And this created a dilemma for me because I went through training that made me privy to procedure involving certian waste. Not sure if fecal matter without blood requires a special setup or not. I would think not, since parents with babies leave poopy diapers in the trash all the time.. so..
I didn't have the heart or the guts to tell utility that a poopy diaper was left by me in the trash....

I'm not going to let this get me down. Even if bowel accidents become more frequent, I'm not gonna be housebound. I'll just start using Devrom/nullo and use liners in my cloth diapers and hoper for the best but plan for teh worst. I GOT THIS!

Incontinence does not have to rule your life or stop you from living. PERIOD!

Peace out!


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