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A cheaper more eco friendly to wash cloth diapers!!!

Thu Apr 28, 2022 12:01 am


So the adventures continue. In order to maximize the lifespan of my cloth diapers, and to reduce energy use, and wear and tear on my parent's washer and dryer, I have endeavored to look into handwashing diapers. I looked into it and discovered a hand powered washing machine purported to do small loads in half the time it takes to do a load in a conventional washing machine. It is called the Wonder Wash. I will provide links if allowed by admin. I just used it to wash the diapers I used at work and they came out smelling clean, so I'd say it works! I'm letting the diapers I washed hang dry in my bathroom before I start another set.. I have no were to dry them for now except my bathroom. still figuring out an alternative method of drying thats quick...

Peace out!
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